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"She cares about and addresses the whole being ... breath, nutrition, sleep patterns, attitude, soul's path, and more. (But she does not judge, and leaves it up to each person what they do with her advice, her love is unconditional)."

Ellen O.

"Being with Selena is a Celestial experience! Her Spirit Shines, dances and Gracefully and skillfully guided me to the core of this being."

Annette M.

I came away with a sense of renewed faith in myself, the support of the Divine, and of anticipation of new possibilities.

Cecile P. 

Selena is ever grateful to her teachers. She has studied with experts in the fields of yogic sciences, neuroscience, psychology, spirituality, and more for over 25 years. She is a certified Life Coach, E-RYT Yoga and Yoga Nidra Instructor, and Awakened Life teacher.

Selena believes each of us are powerful, sovereign beings, and lives passionately in service to an awakened humanity. Compassionate, unified, and empowered by love.


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