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"Life is a journey of coming home to your self."

Selena's approach is deeply rooted in love and compassion, and the belief that self-love is a gateway to true freedom and awakening. With her rich background, Selena incorporates meditation, breathwork, power of mind, emotional freedom, somatic healing techniques and more for peace of mind, emotions, body and spirit.


"An awakened life means feeling fully. 

To embody the Self. 

To think with your heart and

love with your mind."

Selena Lael

"Give for the sake of giving.

Love for the sake of love."

Her Holiness Sai Maa

"I never feel as connected to myself, to everyone in the world, as I do in Selena's live sessions. Everything she teaches opens my heart up so wide, the the whole world falls right inside. I only wish I can work on consistency retaining that feeling all the time. I may catch glimpses of that feeling here and there, but I get so excited when I know I’m about to attend one of her sessions, it makes that little light inside of me catch fire."

Jason W. California

Sleep Affirmations + Healing Sleep Music: Selena Lael Wellness Coach

Sleep Affirmations + Healing Sleep Music: Selena Lael Wellness Coach

Welcome the warmth of love in this deeply relaxing affirmation mediation for sleep. Affirmations are a powerful way to retrain our minds and rewire our brains to see and experience that which we truly want in our lives. Most humans live with the ache of longing. We think that money or material things, a soulmate, will fill this void. We don't realize that what we long for... is love. The love of our own Beloved Self. To feel at home in the heart of God. Sleep Affirmation Meditation ~ Rest In The Heart Of God Binaural beats by Narek Mirzaei. Beloved Soul, ✤ Welcome to “Selena Lael Wellness Coach” Do you feel a deep longing for more? Are you stuck in old wounds and patterns that seem to keep repeating in your life? Are you searching for ways to feel more confident, peaceful, worthy, and loved? Are you ready to embody the LIGHT, the LOVE, the JOY of life that is within you? Then you’re definitely in the RIGHT place. I offer live sessions each week on the Insight Timer and Wellness Coach apps. And have been supporting others in their healing and spiritual journeys through one on one coaching for over 10 years. Join me for meditation, yoga asana, breathwork, self-love, inner child healing, manifesting, and so much more! I regularly upload videos full of rich content to support you in your journey. Join my YouTube family by subscribing to my page, and stay up to date with all of my content. Feel free to request specific topics you would like me to speak on. I am here with you, for you. We are One. All my love, Selena 📣 Please tell us what you think of this video ??? ============================================== 👉 Subscribe to my channel. And press the bell🔔 icon. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ⌚ SCHEDULE: ⌚ New Video Every Week ⌚ 👉 Don't forget to tell us how this was for you in the comments below. Thank you for supporting “ Selena Lael Wellness Coach ” you can follow me on the Social Media Links Below: ❤ Instagram: ❤ Facebook: ❤ insight timer: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 📺 Watch my previous videos 📺 🎬 Is Suffering Avoidable? With Special Guest Jonas Magram 🎬 ALIVENESS, INSPIRATION and JOY! 🎬 Vinyasa Yoga Asana 8/23/22 🎬 Nurture Your Relationship with Your Soul Series 🎬 Nurture Your Relationship with Your Soul ~ Week 3 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I invite you to visit me at my other locations. ✿ STAY CONNECTED ✿ 🌎 Website: 🔎 Instagram: @selenalael 📌 facebook: @selenalaelwellnesscoach ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ❣ SPONSORED ❣ No, this video was not sponsored ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 📧 For Business Inquiries 📧 Email: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ⚠️ "DISCLAIMER:⚠️ This Channel DOES NOT Promote or encourage Any illegal activities, all contents provided by This Channel is meant for EDUCATION and ENTERTAINMENT only. ⚠️ ⭐ Thanks a lot for watching this video⭐ #Selena_Lael_Wellness_Coach #soul #awakening #peace #healing #selflove #selfcare #spirituality #yoga #meditation #sleepmusic #sleepmeditation #affirmations #god #spirituality #relaxing #insomnia #peace
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