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About Selena Lael


Selena Lael graduated from the National Holistic Institute in 2004, where she studied healing modalities and health education. She is a certified Life Coach, E-RYT Yoga and Yoga Nidra Instructor, and meditation and mindfulness facilitator. She has been supporting others on their healing path since 2004. 


Selena has been a devoted student of Her Holiness Sai Maa since 2001, where her studies continue to deepen her experience of authenticity, love, peace, and a commitment to being of service to others.


Selena has many years of experience offering yoga and mindfulness programs for individuals and companies, and is an international retreat and workshop facilitator.


Her approach is deeply rooted in  love and compassion, and the belief that self-love is a gateway to true freedom and awakening. With her rich background, Selena incorporates meditation, breathwork, power of mind, emotional freedom, somatic techniques and more for peace of mind, emotions, body and spirit.

​​"Be completely transparent and forgive for the sake of forgiveness. 

Love for the sake of love."

  Her Holiness Sai Maa 

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