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Transformational Coaching

In the warmth of love, embrace the fullness of you!

These sessions are a fantastic way to become aware of what is holding you back from living the life you truly want, and taking steps towards exactly that! Greater wellbeing and abundance inside and out!

Whether you're ready to transform your relationships, health, career or life vision, these sessions awaken your own sovereignty and inner wisdom.

$150/1 hour

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"Selena has taught me to accept my feelings, has given me a safe place to express my feelings & has given me tools to deal with things going on in my life. I’ve had quite a few surgeries in a short period of time & Selena has really helped me work through pain & other emotions that come with it. She has the most loving, caring & giving heart & has helped me learn to love myself the way I am as well as work on finding things that bring me joy. She’s truly amazing. She was the first person I contacted after a recent accident. Her compassion helped me feel so much better, more calm & that this was just a numb in the road. I continue to learn more about myself & to

accept my journey."


Shannon G.

"I have known Selena for 5 months, and it feels like I have known her my whole life. Our first virtual coaching session together was transformational, and it only gets better with every interaction we have. As someone who struggles with anxiety and racing thoughts, Selena has introduced me to meditative techniques to become present in these anxious moments that feel never ending. Selena has led me to realize that the root cause of much of my pain is self acceptance. She is such a positive light and is curious which makes me feel very comfortable in opening up to her. I appreciate all of her insights, and have developed a daily habit of meditating because of Selena. I have noticed myself become much less reactive through the practices she has taught me."


Julia P.
Washington D.C.

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