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Somatic Coaching


In the warmth of compassion,

embrace every part of yourself.

These sessions are a fantastic way to become aware of what is holding you back from living the life you truly want, and taking steps towards exactly that.

Greater wellbeing and abundance inside and out!

Whether you're ready to transform your relationships, health, career, or life vision, these sessions awaken your own inner power, clarity and wisdom.


$150/1 hour

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Flower in Sunlight

I cannot express how grateful I am to have met Selena and benefitted from her wisdom and skills.

 For years, I have been living unskillfully, with trauma-based emotional responses that have damaged my relationships and my health. I sought relief in the techniques and teachings that focus on thoughts (cognitive therapy and Byron Katie’s Work), the present (Eckhart Tolle), behavior (non-violent communication), self-compassion (Germer and Neff), and many other modalities. None of these in isolation have helped me made lasting changes.

What is different with Selena is that she uses a multidisciplinary approach, tying a multitude of different teachings together with a deeply compassionate, humanistic, loving, heart-centered attitude, where self-rejection of any part of our nature simply cannot thrive.

She has helped me to profoundly transform how I see and relate to myself, my family, my past and future, and in the process, enabled me to regain my center, health, and love for life and for the people I am lucky to share it with.

I hope that her integrated approach spreads to all corners of the world and to all generations, especially our children, because I see no better way to heal and thrive than through loving, conscious self-acceptance.

Selena has an extraordinary emotional and social intelligence, brilliant perception, and warm compassion— a combination that is deeply healing. I will be forever grateful to have had the opportunity to meet and work with her.


Jelena B. Colorado

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