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Awakening Soul

A Journey to deepen spiritual connection, cultivate inner peace,

release emotional and mental suffering, and foster

a sense of belonging within a supportive

community of like-minded souls.

Flower in Sunlight

Do you feel a deep longing inside?

A desire for more.

A knowingness that there is more to life.

A longing to live your life's purpose.


What is spiritual awakening? 

Why do we feel so overwhelmed by pain and darkness at times?

Why do we fall back into old patterns 

even when we have experienced inner peace or freedom? 

Join Selena and likeminded community for this 5 month course

to serve you in your awakening journey. All of these questions will be explored. And answered. Meet yourself like never before in love.

Free yourself from suffering in everyday life experiences,

and nurture your relationship with your own light.

Due to the depth of this work there is an application process. 

Spaces limited for this life changing journey. 

Click Here to Apply


Awakening Soul

5 Month Journey to Serve You in Awakening to Your True Self

May 2nd- September 26th, 2024

Weekly Zoom Sessions on Thursdays at 7 PM Eastern Time


What You Receive

- Weekly one hour live group sessions (recordings available if you cannot attend live)

- Monthly one-on-one coaching sessions for personalized guidance and reflection

- Resource materials including guided meditations, insightful talks and more

- Online community platform for sharing experiences, insights, and support between sessions

Journey Preview

(Sessions are subject to change based on the needs of the group.)

*All sessions are recorded and available to watch within 48 hours.

Module 1: Foundation of Inner Peace and Connection

- Week 1: Orientation and Intention Setting

- Week 2: Introduction to Yogic Meditation Techniques

- Week 3: Techniques for Grounding and Centering

Module 2: Awakening the Soul

- Week 4: Understanding of the Soul and I Am Presence

- Week 5: Chakras and Subtle Bodies 

- Week 6: Techniques to clear Chakras and subtle bodies

- Week 7: Soul Remembrance 


Module 3: Freedom from Mental and Emotional Suffering

- Week 8: Emotional Release and Healing Techniques

- Week 9: Cultivating Self-Compassion and Forgiveness

- Week 10: Transformative Breathwork Session

- Week 11: Techniques for Mental Clarity and Focus

- Week 12: Cognitive Restructuring 

- Week 13: Consciously Create Your Life 

Module 4: Deepening Spiritual Connection

- Week 14: Advanced Meditation Techniques for Spiritual Insight

- Week 15: Awakening the Mystic Within

- Week 16: Chakra Balancing and Energy Healing

- Week 17: Sound Healing and Vibrational Medicine


Module 5: Community and Integration

- Week 18: Group Sharing and Reflection (*Two Hour Session)

- Week 19: Cultivating Compassionate Communication and Connection

- Week 20: The Transformative Power of Seva (selfless service)

- Week 21: Completion Ceremony

Early Bird Tuition

Before April 15th

$1,895 ($100 savings)


Regular Tuition

After April 15th


*Payment Plan Available *

Refer a friend and save an additional $100.

Due to the depth of this work there is an application process. 

Spaces limited for this life changing journey. 

Click Here to Apply

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