"Selena is the most gifted healer I have had the blessing of working with. I believe in the soul, and that there's much more to healing than the western medical system, yet I'm also a pragmatic person who comes to energy healing with skepticism. On Selena's table I have felt infusions of energy that are remarkable. And - this really surprised me even after knowing that she's a strong, capable healer - in a phone session from many states away, I *still* felt that infusion of energy!


In addition to being extremely gifted with energy, intuition, and with massage, Selena is a carrier of wisdom beyond any tradition or dogma. She cares about and addresses the whole being ... breath, nutrition, sleep patterns, attitude, soul's path, and more. (But she does not judge, and leaves it up to each person what they do with her advice, her love is unconditional). Also - don't be fooled by her modest prices that she's the same as as most who consider themselves healers. She could charge way more than she does, but her heart is the heart of a healer, not a business person. She wants to be accessible to people of various incomes, and that's one of the many reasons I respect her deeply.

In sum, Selena is wonderful, thoroughly and truly wonderful."

Ellen O.  New York

"My reading with Selena was truly eye opening and empowering! I’ve battled for years with self-defeating patterns that have infiltrated all aspects of my life and while others have been very helpful in giving me steps to work with, it wasn’t until working with Selena that I experienced a real breakthrough. I was ready to do “the work” - I’m always ready to do the work - but I felt so loved by Selena’s focused energy and loving words that I am no longer the same person I was before the session. In large part due to her guidance, something powerful has shifted in me.


I’m deeply touched by the gift that Selena offered me. I can only offer my highest recommendations to anyone looking to develop a new relationship with themselves: Work with Selena. Her support is like magic." 

Ali H.  Colorado

"Thanks again BIG! I received the healing light session from Selena and it was absolutely amazing. I have had similar sessions in the past with others but never experienced what I did this time. I actually saw the violet flame pulsating in my third eye. I also felt very calm and all around much better when the session was complete. She was very professional and very loving.

I definitely recommend!"

Nicole P. Kansas

"Walking the path of growth and truth and light, it feels so wonderful that I would encounter Selena along the way.  A guiding light of love and nurturance. I'm so grateful for the time we shared in the Spiritual Counseling session, and would wholeheartedly recommend her sessions to anyone and everyone! 

Thank you and blessings."

Luke S.  Iowa

"I'm not a big fan of energetic readings so I went into my session with very little expectation. I thought it would be interesting so I  went for the Soul Freedom Session. WOW was I in for a wonderful surprise! We together discovered some deep, unproductive thoughts that were not serving me. It was so powerful, I could even say life changing! Thank you Selena! I highly recommend it !"

Karen S.  Iowa

"Being with Selena is a Celestial experience! Her Spirit Shines, dances and Gracefully and skillfully guided me to the core of this being, joined me there as we revealed the origination of a life time dysfunctional pattern. Then we cleared the cobwebs and debris, and energetically brought me back to a new life of freedom and Self-Soul love. Her clear abilities, tools, awareness and inner guidance are a package that facilitates Transformation."

Annette M. Iowa

"Selena received me with Grace and created a space for easy sharing. Her guidance was extremely clear, succinct, applicable, and most importantly, achievable. Meaning, I was empowered with a recipe for self-healing that felt very doable. Along with the outward guidance came a sweet energy of peacefulness, upliftment and wholeness. I came away with a sense of renewed faith in myself, the support of the Divine, and of anticipation of new possibilities. Thank you Selena!"

Cecile P.  British Columbia


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